OpenShop job board and PCAC are working together in order to prepare candidates for entry into a successful apprenticeship. OpenShop will give qualified trades people the edge in finding employment by being able to apply directly to hiring employers. If you skillsets need upgrading, we will provide a training plan and help you meet industry standards. 


Register For The CLAC Union Open House

Register below to meet the industry on Thursday January 9th beginning at 6:30 PM, register below or call 1-800-728-0137 for information.


About OpenShop

The Job Board allows Job Seekers and OpenShop Members to interact directly with potential employers. This gives prospective employees an advantage over other job boards as this interaction gives contractors a better understanding of new entrant’s skills and abilities. With that, the Job Board provides a place for Job Seekers and OpenShop Members to optimize their chances for career employment.


In comparison to major job boards, this Job Board program features trade-specific postings. As such, opportunities are focused, decreasing the amount of applicants featured, which in turn, increases the potential for employment. Therefore, with proper utilization of the online Job Board program, Job Seekers and OpenShop Members can search the most applicable listing available while also showcasing themselves to potential employers.




About PCA

PCA member companies employ over 20,000 skilled workers across Canada, represented primarily by the Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC).

We advance the interests of our members in three ways:

Advocacy: serving as the public voice to government influencers, construction owners, industry groups and the media on the benefits of “open site” construction, and the key issues of interest to our members.

providing members with best-practice know-how in a variety of areas, including government relations, labour relations, media relations and construction safety, as well as numerous sector-specific issues. 

Services: developing and delivering group programs and benefits, including safety and skill training, which provide a competitive advantage to our members.


Our Goal:

To bridge the gap for people looking for a career in Skilled Trades, link Journeyman, Apprentices and Pre-Apprentices, through the CLAC Employment Services Program.  The PCA member employers hire graduates from recognised training centers which include the OEL Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute in Toronto, Merit Ontario Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute in Toronto and the CLAC Pre-Apprenticeship Training Institute in Cambridge. PCA members hire graduates from recognised training facilities because our contractors are involved in the development and approval of all trainning and safety standards.

PCA Joblink Portal

The PCA Joblink Portal is an important resource as it serves to bridge the gap between PCA employers looking to hire and Pre-Apprentices, Apprentices and Journeyman accross Ontario.